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Stress is commonly referred to as the body’s fight or flight response. This is handled by a part of our body called the Sympathetic Nervous System. I like to think of it as our gas pedal. When you’re busy during the day with to-do lists, high performance demands, deadlines and multi-tasking, your gas pedal is […]

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Beneficial bacteria, also known as probiotics, are the first line of defense in our gut to protect us from harmful ingested bacteria, pathogens and fungus. These probiotics deny the harmful bacteria from surviving or flourishing and thereby poisoning our bodies. Probiotics also help the breakdown of life giving nutrients for proper absorption. What good is a […]

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Coming January 1, 2016! In reviewing several “detox” programs, I personally endorse the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program. This detoxification includes a combination of a whole food, nonprocessed diet, along with eliminating the two most common food irritants, dairy and gluten. Along with a completely clean eating program, it includes whole food nutrition to help flush […]

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It’s already back to school time! Here are a few tips to keep kids’ backs safer and brains working. Breakfast of Champions: Most kids tend to grab a quick bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast, but even complex grains with low fat milk just break down to sugar. In the morning, our bodies need […]