GET ADJUSTED:  I believe in the theory, use it or lose it!  This is so true with the health of the spine.  People ask me how they develop arthritis.  The answers include a.)  genetics, b.) prior injuries or c.) lack of motion.  When our mechanics are off, a segment or more in our spine locks up.  The vertebra or several get stuck and decrease movement causing a breakdown in the joint cartilage and a drying of the fluid around the area.  The joints stay healthy and alive by movement pushing nutrients into the area as well as removing waste products and debris.  Without movement, a sort of death of the joint occurs.  Use it or lose it is what a chiropractic adjustment will do.  When you come in for an office visit, I will check all 32 vertebrae for normal, healthy movement.  When a deficiency is detected, I will correct it by assisting the joint in its normal, healthy motion.  This can be done with an extremely gentle process or if I feel it is safe, sometimes a more forceful adjustment is recommended.  Exercises alone do not insure normal, healthy motion of each and every vertebra.  We can be extremely flexible and touch our toes but still have one or even several vertebrae locked and not moving.  Our bodies compensate and if one segment is locked, the vertebra above or below it will simply work harder.  Coming in for a chiropractic evaluation and having a chiropractor actually palpate all 32 vertebrae is a definite was to ensure that every joint is moving well and potentially prevent the breakdown of the health of the joint.  This holds true with all joints, not only with the spine.  When patients ask their orthopedists how to delay a knee or hip replacement for example, the common answer is “keep it moving”.  Remember that chiropractic adjustments are for ALL joints, not only the spine.  We treat knees, hips, elbows, wrists, ankles, etc.  Ask about all pains or problems that you are experiencing on your next office visit.  You might be surprised on other conditions that can be treated in our office.

FOR healthy posture as well as treating and preventing lower back, hip, and feet pain…USE ORTHOTICS.  

Orthotics are arch and heel supports to help correct and maintain a proper arch.  When the arches drop, which is common as we age, the knees pull inward and the hip rotate forward.  This puts more stress and strain on these joints as well as increasing the pressure on the lower discs in your spine.  For a very small investment ($35-50) you can have an awesome orthotic fit for you in our office.  I recommend a brand call POWERSTEP PRO.  This company is located in Sharonville, Ohio (support local!!!) and has amazing quality orthotics.  They come in a professional version sold in our office as well as an over the counter selection sold at many athletic stores.  There are many varieties offered from Powersteps.  Some are stronger and more supportive than others.  Some align the heels. Some have memory foam for tender feet.  Stop in and get fitted for the best version for your conditions.