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It’s already back to school time! Here are a few tips to keep kids’ backs safer and brains working. Breakfast of Champions: Most kids tend to grab a quick bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast, but even complex grains with low fat milk just break down to sugar. In the morning, our bodies need […]


These exercises are perfect for travel, because they are all done while seated. Do ten repetitions every 30 minutes and hold each exercise for a count of five. Calf Stretches: Pull your foot and toes up towards the ceiling and hold. Seated Pelvic Tilts: Discretely tighten your abdomen and pull your belly button towards your […]


To keep your back as safe as possible during your vacation travels, here are a few simple tips: WATER: Drink a few ounces every hour and avoid caffeine. Water hydrates you, especially your muscles which are approximately 60% water. Keeping your   muscles hydrated will decrease stiffness and spasms. This is especially important when flying, because […]