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One of the most common questions patients ask is whether to apply ice or heat to a musculoskeletal pain or injury. Most importantly is what feels better and works best for you, however here are a few suggestions. ICE: Typically, ice is used for acute or new conditions. This stops the bleeding, swelling and bruising. […]


The most common nutrition complaint I hear from patients is they don’t have enough time to cook or eat healthy. Sorry to burst your bubble, but after reading this article you will have NO EXCUSE! Juicing and blending are the easiest ways to bombard yourself with quick, healthy and easy to digest nutrition. Consider these […]


Most of us think of “core strength” as the collection of muscles that help stabilize the spine. As true as that is, I like to use the term for something far different. I think of our “core strength” as our inner determination, our personal power, values and mental strength. Just as your physical muscles hold […]


Stress is commonly referred to as the body’s fight or flight response. This is handled by a part of our body called the Sympathetic Nervous System. I like to think of it as our gas pedal. When you’re busy during the day with to-do lists, high performance demands, deadlines and multi-tasking, your gas pedal is […]


Drinking adequate water is so easy to forget. The recommended amount of water we should intake per day is 50% of our body weight in ounces. If you weigh 180 pounds, you should consume 90 ounces of water per day. If you sweat excessively due to work or exercise, drink even more. This recommendation is […]


Meditation is such a buzz word these days. I personally find it extremely helpful to quiet my busy, overactive mind. After a short trip into “emptiness”, I gain a broader perspective on a situation and can understand things much more clearly. It helps me gain control on the reality and scope of a situation versus […]


Join me and my staff as we tweak our health to THRIVE NOT SURVIVE. Enroll online or in our office for this series of classes that will begin in January. Class topics include:  Muscle and Joint Health: Foods and supplements to decrease inflammation and muscle spasms and improve hydration and flexibility. Better Gut Health: Better food choices […]


The most common excuse I hear from patients is “I don’t have time to exercise”. I am about to make you feel very guilty, because here is a one minute exercise that will leave you refreshed and relaxed. Take a deep breath in. Feel your belly swell and get larger as you inhale. Don’t worry […]

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Nutrition Tips by Dr. Cathy

  Why do we need vitamins and supplements? I am asked this question many times in the course of a week. The answer is so simple. The soil is depleted. If traditional farming methods are used, the same crop is planted in the same field, season after season. Along with overuse and not rotating crops, […]