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Cold light laser therapy is a topical application used to stimulate blood flow to a muscle or joint. It can help accelerate the healing process and help eliminate pain and swelling. This machine uses a red spectrum of light that is cool versus hot. The red light stimulates blood flow, bringing new, healthy cells to the […]


Orthopedic pillows are an absolute must for patients experiencing neck or upper back pain. They are also especially useful for chronic headache sufferers. Orthopedic pillows properly align your neck while sleeping. Think of it as exercise while sleeping! Florence Chiropractic Center sells Therapeutica pillows. They provide the best ergonomics and patient compliance we have ever […]

Nutrition Classes Schedule

Call the main office at (859) 525-2994 to register. Classes are $25 and begin at 6:30pm in the lower level. Balancing Hormone Levels Hormone levels change throughout the course of the day depending on many things, including our sleep/wake cycle, stress level and for women, ovulation. Learn to balance your hormones naturally through diet and […]