Take A Multiple Vitamin

TAKE A MULTIPLE VITAMIN. Although I definitely recommend eating healthy as an essential part of your health journey, taking a great quality multiple vitamin is like an insurance policy on your daily requirements.  The quality of our food is not always as great as we think.  If your fruit and veggies were picked before completely ripe (common so the produce does not rot during shipping and transportation), the concentration of vitamins and minerals received through the soil and sun will not be as powerful.  Also, we tend to eat the same foods repetitively so we are not always getting a good variety of nutrients.  Therefore, we may be missing important nutrients (vitamins, minerals and enzymes).  A multiple vitamin gives us the confidence that we are getting the basic necessities.  Don’t fool yourself, however.  You cannot eat poor quality food or make poor choices and even out the scale.  Taking a multiple vitamin does not equal a healthy diet and a sound nutritional life plan.  It is simply assurance that you will not be deficient in any of the major nutrients.  Optimal nutrition would be a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and even more vegetables, protein (animal or vegetarian) and plenty of fiber, water, good fats with little to no added sugars along with a great multiple vitamin.