Green Detox Smoothie


Super Green Detox Smoothie
Recipe Type: Drinks
Author: Summer Sanders
Serves: 1
Unfortunately in this modern day in age our bodies have to deal with many pollutants from those found in the air we breath to the water and foods we ingest. We can’t avoid them completely, but what we CAN do is make sure to provide our bodies with foods that are highly detoxifying. This recipe by Summer Sanders of Radiantly Raw Lifestyles has lots of alkalinizing greens including cilantro (which helps draw out heavy metals), avocado for a healthy dose of brain-nourishing fat, and fresh citrus for a hefty dose of fiber, bioflavonoids and vitamin C. This is the perfect clean-fuel recipe to start your day off on the right foot.
  • 1/2 large grapefruit, peeled
  • lemon, peeled
  • lime peeled
  • small cucumber, peeled
  • large bunch of cilantro (stem and all)
  • bunch of spinach
  • 1/2 avocado
  1. Process in your blender, drink and enjoy!