Picture1Good posture begins with your head, chest and shoulders being properly aligned. Your ears should be centered over your shoulders, and your shoulders should be centered over your hips. Due to the excessive use of computers and handheld devices, many people pull their neck forward which increases the incident of neck pain, shoulder tension and headaches. The first step towards better posture begins with opening and stretching your chest muscles. Stand in the center of a door frame and lift your arms, placing one hand on each side of the frame. Lean forward until you feel a gentle pull in your chest. You will likely feel the stretch in your shoulders as well. Hold the stretch for a slow count of five. Release the stretch and move your hands an inch up or down the door frame. Lean forward and hold this stretch for a slow count of five. Continue to move your hands to different positions up and down the frame, holding and stretching. Repeat for a couple minutes.