a fantastic read WORDS OF WELLNESS WITH DR. CATHY                         JANUARY 2015

Dr. Cathy

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2015! The focus of Florence Chiropractic Center remains on the best care for our patients. I believe it’s easier to stay well versus get well. Because of this, nutrition will become a priority of mine in practice this year. Many of you know I have a degree in nutrition (Diplomate in Nutrition) as well as being a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. My interest in nutrition is based on my true nature and belief that “we are what we eat”. My desire to obtain a formal nutrition degree came with my dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis in 1996. I devoured any and all information on alternative treatments of his illness. The wide range of nutritional treatments were confusing and potentially dangerous. I chose at that time to become formally educated with the most current and safest treatments available. Unfortunately my dad passed away from cancer, but I continued with my thirst for   knowledge and my quest to become more well informed on nutrition. I am passionate about being able to share what I have learned with others.

Nutrition classes will be available on select Wednesday evenings in the lower level of my office. The classes will range from basic nutrition and meal planning to natural arthritis treatments and hormone balancing for men and women. Registration is required, so please call the main office to reserve your spot.

I will also be offering private nutrition counseling on Fridays. Counseling sessions will comprise of two meetings, an initial 30 minute consultation and a 60 minute follow-up. The goal of nutrition counseling if not to put you on a diet, but to help establish a healthy eating lifestyle change.

I am looking forward to sharing all the wonderful changes and adventures this new year has in store!

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