Join me and my staff as we tweak our health to THRIVE NOT SURVIVE. Enroll online or in our office for this series of classes that will begin in January. Class topics include:

  •  Muscle and Joint Health: Foods and supplements to decrease inflammation and muscle spasms and improve hydration and flexibility.
  • Better Gut Health: Better food choices and the most expensive supplements won’t matter if your body is not absorbing them from the inside out.
  • Use It or Lose It: Why exercise is a critical anti-aging tool and how to safely incorporate it into your busy lifestyle.
  • The Nutritious Kitchen: How to read labels and make better choices in the grocery store.
  • Organic Foods: Hype, Fad or Lifesaving?
  • Improve your body and mind with breathing, meditation and yoga.
  • Hormone Function: How hormones work and how to improve them naturally.