Picture1The oil from cold water fish is very high in omega 3 essential fatty acids. Omega 3s are the “good fats” that keep our blood vessels and tendons elastic, decrease inflammation and prevent blockages in the heart and brain. Omega 3s contain EPAs and DHAs. EPAs are best when used as anti-inflammatories and DHAs are best for brain health, especially improving memory and attention deficit disorders. Omega 3s are also found in oils such as flax, walnut and hemp, however, fish oils are the only omega 3s that also work as natural anti-inflammatories. As a chiropractor, fish oil is the form of omega 3s that I strongly recommend. For quality, as well as potency, I recommend both Metagenics EPA-DHA 500, as well as Standard Process Tuna Omega 3 (which also comes in a rather pleasant chewable form). I suggest 2,000mg-4,000mg per day. Fish oils are not to be used by patients on prescription blood thinners, because it decreases blood clotting and can conflict with your medication.

I am not a fan of most over the counter fish oils. The common, mass produced brands are typically from farm raised, factory fish houses. This is where thousands of fish are raised in very small tanks. To keep the fish from becoming diseased in these cramped quarters, the water is treated with multiple chemicals, antibiotics and fungicides. Oils trap toxins and the unused oils in our bodies, as well as the bodies of animals, get stored as fat. Eating farm raised fish, and especially using the oils, is very toxic and potentially harmful to our nervous system.