Picture2Our adrenals are little glands that sit on top of our kidneys. Their main function is to help produce and balance hormones, control inflammation and regulate blood pressure and blood sugar. When these glands are not   working optimally, our hormones (primarily estrogen, testosterone, cortisol and melatonin) become out of control and negatively affect our stress level, sleep cycle, weight and pain   response. How do we ensure proper functioning of these glands? Practicing relaxation and stress control techniques along with eating a healthy, supportive diet is helpful. Unfortunately, this is not easily attainable for many of us living in this modern world. Nutritional support with specific vitamins, herbs and glandular products can be extremely beneficial and much more “doable” in combination with lifestyle modifications. Choosing the proper adrenal support supplements can be a little more tricky. If our adrenal glands are stressed and overworking, certain supplements will help to calm them down and begin producing properly again. However, when the glands have been overworking for long periods of time due to long term stress, these glands can crash and burn and become deficient. At this time, we need supplements to help jump start the glands and wake them up to function again. Thankfully, there are simple ways that nutritionally trained experts can help with this determination. Salivary testing several times a day, certain patterns that patients report and even our body temperature can give accurate clues for those trained in nutrition and natural healing. This testing is offered in our office, so please don’t hesitate to ask for more details. The proper working of these glands can truly unlock the door to better health and stress control.