Thank you for 25 amazing years!

We hear it all the time…”time flies when you’re having fun”. Well, I have obviously been having a blast! I am baffled and amazed that I have been in practice for 25 years this July. I vividly remember receiving my job offer when I was in training in New Orleans. I immediately called my parents in Chicago to ask their permission to take this opportunity in Florence, Kentucky. I accepted the position, believing that it would only be for one year. It was meant to get my toes wet and learn how to run a practice, something not taught in school, before returning to my hometown. In truth, I ended up falling in love with the warmth and beauty of Northern Kentucky, the arts and dining of Cincinnati and most importantly, you all….or, as the water tower says, ya’ll. One of my favorite memories is my first Christmas here. It was a mixture of homesickness and awe at the never ending amounts of cards, cookies and gifts that I received from patients. It was then that I knew I had found a new home and my toes were more than wet, they were sunk in the Ohio River. Regardless of how homesick I was, you, my patients and staff, became my family. There obviously have been challenges along the way, especially with the ever changing insurance rules and regulations, but I still love to walk in the doors of my office every single day. That in and of itself, is an incredible feeling. I appreciate the opportunity to help you and I know what an amazing honor it is. To say “thank you” seems so little, but I hope you know how deep those words run. I am truly grateful and look forward to another year ahead.

Dr. Cathy