We all know the importance of strengthening your core, however most people associate core strength with intense abdominal exercises. They tend to focus on sit ups and crunches, which for many patients are too strong. I hate to see a well intentioned patient begin an exercise program only to overdo it and end up injured. One of my favorite core exercises is the balance exercise. This exercise is safe for everyone, regardless of age or conditioning.

  • Stand in a door frame or corner and lift one knee to hip level.
  • Keep you waist and hips in a straight, level line and do not drop one hip lower than the other.
  • Hold this position for as long as you can.
  • When you lose form or balance, switch sides.

Do this several times a day, working to increase the amount of time you can hold each leg without losing balance. You will naturally be able to hold one leg for longer than the other leg. Once you can hold each leg for 10 seconds, try doing it with your eyes closed. Use the door frame or corner to avoid falling or injury. You can do this exercise in minutes, anywhere, with no equipment.