As a chiropractor, you may think that I preach strong abs 24/7. Well, surprise! I am not a fan of overworking your abdominal muscles. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say no ab work. Simply do not focus on the front and forget about your back side. I am affectionately known as a “butt girl”. Take no offense. I am referring to the gluteal muscles located on your back side. I believe they are an important key to preventing and treating lower back problems and improving your posture. So by all means, work those ab muscles, BUTT don’t forget about your glutes.

SQUATS: (the safe way)
Standing in front of your couch or a chair, with your arms crossed in front of you, lean your butt back slightly and   lower down to just barely touch your glutes to the seat. Then stand right back up. Again, arms crossed, lean your butt back slightly and lower down to just touch your seat and quickly come right back up. Use your buttock muscles to stand up. Contract them slightly. You may be surprised how difficult this will be. Repeat 10-15 times. Do this series several times throughout the day.


Stand with good posture and hold on to the back of a chair or counter top. Take the weight off one leg and pulse it back, keeping your knee straight. Contract your buttock area when you pulse the leg backwards. Repeat this motion 10-15 times on each leg. Make sure you are contracting your buttocks and do not pull it too far backwards. This would arch your lower back and potentially cause harm. Do this series several times throughout the day, especially if you sit a lot.

To make this exercise slightly more challenging, add a resistance band around your ankles. The diameter should be approximately 12 inches around.