Meditation is such a buzz word these days. I personally find it extremely helpful to quiet my busy, overactive mind. After a short trip into “emptiness”, I gain a broader perspective on a situation and can understand things much more clearly. It helps me gain control on the reality and scope of a situation versus getting twisted into part of the whole.

Ideally, experts recommend meditation for at least 15 minutes a day. I agree, but also use meditation for smaller moments of time throughout my day. First, find a place that is quiet and free from distractions such as TV, kids, pets and cell phones. Next, sit on the floor with your spine straight. Cross your legs and get as comfortable as possible. I like to use a small pillow under my buttocks. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through the nose. Fill up your belly and feel your stomach get fuller. Exhale, first squeezing the belly and eventually squeezing the air out of your chest. Repeat at your own pace. If you try too hard, you will get light headed. Don’t force this. Rather, allow the breath to lead you, instead of you leading it. Some people benefit by placing a hand on their belly to feel it swell with the inhale and sink in with the   exhale. Relax your body. When you focus on the breath, your mind will not be able to focus on other issues. As this breathing style becomes more comfortable, you may find your mind wandering to other issues and losing your “emptiness”. Simply come back to the breath and you will be back on track.

Stay present. Stay in the NOW. Keep coming back when you wander. Make your presence present! That which we place our attention on becomes our attention. Therefore, a place of emptiness is a great place to empty the problems, difficulties and challenges that are upsetting us. A good meditation session may help uncover answers to issues you’ve been searching for. It’s amazing that from the quietness, answers flow. Some people use meditation as a tool to go deeper into themselves. It can give direction to your life.


Dr. Cathy