Words of Wellness


Picture6Several years ago while out to dinner, I saw the most beautiful elderly woman. She had a lovely, peaceful smile and bright eyes, but what struck me the most was her perfect posture. She looked absolutely REGAL. It made me realize how underrated proper posture is. Since that time, I have observed how without good posture people appear so much older, worn and tired. We can use all the facial creams, make up and cosmetic surgery available, but none will have the immediate ability to make us look younger and slimmer like proper posture. While the cosmetic benefits of good posture are wonderful, as a chiropractor I have witnessed the physical pain that poor posture can bring. When you slouch, your muscles have to work harder to keep your body balanced, leading to back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc. This imbalance also gives you a greater risk of falling and injury. The pressure put on your spine from poor posture can lead to painful and permanent compression fractures. Additionally, with our shoulders stooped and out of alignment, it decreases our lungs’ capacity to hold and exchange oxygen.

Picture5The key to perfect posture is to focus on your shoulder blades. Simply roll them up and back. Doing so will lift your breastbone up, center your ears over your shoulders and improve the curve of your lower back. If your shoulder blades are in the correct position, you should be able to lower your hands and pinch your fingers on the side seams of your pants. When standing, try to keep the weight even on both feet. When sitting, try to keep the weight even on each butt bone. Always keep the top of your head lifted   towards the sky.

Take good posture seriously. Work on exercises to strengthen your core and see your chiropractor for maintaining good mobility of your spine.

Dr. Cathy