Years ago I learned about an ancient Japanese art called, KINTSUGI or “GOLDEN REPAIR”.  It is the art of repairing broken treasured pottery by mending the areas with gold lacquer.  The story goes something like this.  A servant broke the king’s most revered porcelain bowl.  Not knowing what else to do, the servant tried to piece it back together with gold glue.  Much to the servant’s surprise, the king loved the new piece of art, claiming it was now truly unique, a one of a kind and had become even more priceless.  

This tale was told to me in a church service held for a very dear friend of mine who had a life changing injury.  The point of the story was that something’s happen in life that will forever change us.  However, if we can see the gifts in the changes, the new normal can become more beautiful than it was in the past.  I have used this philosophy since that church service many times to remind myself that “different or new” is not necessarily bad.  Different or new can redirect us to see things in a way that can put us on a new course and guide us in better ways.

This is what I am asking of all of us as we return to a new way of life with the presence of Covid-19.  We may be forever changed although if we are willing to look deep down, some things may be more beautiful.  Personally, I have rediscovered how much I love to cook, do yard work, organize my home and my office.  I have felt blessed to spend precious time with my mother, my husband as well as reconnect with friends.  Time is not something given to us all today.  Fortunately, today I have been given time.  I truly look forward to reconnecting with all of you and I hope you will know how much I value you and have through these 30 years.  Dr. Cathy         

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