COVID-19 Office Update

We will Be Re-Opening Monday April 27th

It is official!  The governor’s office is allowing us to resume patient treatments this Monday, April 27, 2020.  I CANNOT WAIT!  Our office will be open next week, April 27-May 1 with the following hours:  

Monday:  8am – noon

Tuesday:  2pm-6pm

Wednesday:  8am – noon

Thursday:  2pm – 6pm

Friday: Closed

Please call or email to schedule.  Let us know your preference on day or times best for you.  We will get back to you ASAP to confirm.  Hours will be increased the following weeks if there is need by our patients.      

The State of Kentucky Board has required us to implement several precautions to keep our patients as well as our staff as safe as possible.  These requirements are certainly a new way to practice for us and we are asking for your patience as we are required to enforce these precautions.  

The new “Covid-19 patient protocol” required from the CDC is as follows: Scheduling of patients will be staggered to allow more time between each patient.  Walk-ins will not be permitted without calling the office first.  Patients will not be allowed to wait in the waiting room but must call from their vehicles when they arrive to the office and we will tell them what room is waiting for them and payments will be taken by credit card payment only by phone. Guests, including children are not allowed to accompany patients. Patients will be required to wear masks (we have ordered them but have not received them at this time so requesting patients to have their own). Patients will be required to have a temporal temperature check. Patients will need to fill out a quick Covid-19 checkbox form letting us know if they have any concerning symptoms, if they have recently traveled out of our area.

Our “Covid-19 staff protocol” required from the CDC is as follows: Staff will wear gloves and masks at all times around patientsStaff will clean tables, therapy equipment, door handles and computer keyboard.Therapy will be performed in a sanitary manor such as disposable TENS pads, protective, disposable wrapping around hot and cold packs and traction belts

Our top priority is to keep all of us safe.  I am so excited to be able to see and actually treat you all.  I greatly appreciate your patience during these past several weeks.  Know that you are valued.  Dr. Cathy

COVID-19 Prevention

As a holistic health care provider, much of my training is in prevention.  Although I am certainly not an Immunologist or Virologist, I can share with you some of my own immune strategies.  First of all, your body was made to fight bacteria and viruses.  Unfortunately, my concern is not for most of the healthy population.  The real concern is for the weakened and older people.  My concern is truly not for myself but for those people around me.  This is an extremely contagious virus.  

This virus is easily spread through the mucus membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth.   Washing your hands, avoiding close contact with others at this time, avoiding touching your own eyes, nose and mouth are well known suggestions.   Here are a few other suggestions that have not been shared as much:  

Take your shoes and coats off in your garage or car prior to coming in to your home to avoid spreading any germs from your work place, doctors office or stores.

Wash your hands, use sanitizer or alcohol wipes prior to entering your home also to avoid spreading any contact that you may have unknowingly had with any people hosting this virus.

Wash your clothes daily if they have been around public areas. Make your own sanitizer by mixing 1/3 aloe with 2/3 rubbing alcohol or even simply rubbing alcohol alone.  I like to add a few drops of tea tree oil, Thieves oil or clove oil for added benefit and scent.  You can also mix 2 tablespoons bleach with one quart (4 cups) water.  Be cautious not to ruin clothes or furniture with even this diluted bleach solution.  Also, over using these solutions can excessively dry your skin.  Any break in your skin potentially increases the risk of the bacteria entering your system. 

Use a good moisturizer such as coconut oil.

Move away from people that are obviously sick.  If someone is coughing or blowing their nose, don’t be embarrassed to ask to be re-seated or simply move away and create some distance from the person.  Many symptoms of the common cold are the same as those of the Coronavirus.  Better safe than sorry.   Don’t forget that drinking glasses and cups along with eating utensils have to be handled by someone prior to coming to you. 

Use a napkin or wipe with one of the sanitizers listed above before using. Wipe down keyboards, telephone receivers, mouse rollers, headsets, knobs, appliances, remote controls, light switches when possible.  

Use your elbows or feet to open and close doors and light switches. 

Grab a paper towel to open doors especially in a restroom.

Use your glasses instead of your contact lenses at this time to help avoid touching your eyes as often.

Drink plenty of water to keep your system hydrated and moist and flushed.

Blow your nose to attempt to keep the virus out of your respiratory passages.

Ask your doctor about waiting to have any cortisone shot or prednisone medication at this time.  These have a side effect of decreasing your immune system.  


I am certainly not recommending all of these suggestions.  Some of these products will seem appropriate and others will not.  Some patients prefer herbs, some prefer homeopathics and some vegetarians/vegans do not want products including any animal products.  I respect all preferences so there are many varieties and ways to enhance your own immune system.    

  • EAT HEALTHY.  Increasing natural anti-oxidants by increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables you eat with help rid your body of toxins.
  • AVOID SUGARS.  Sweets and excessive carbohydrates (starchy foods such as pastas, breads, and cereals) have been shown to increase inflammation.  Inflammation has been shown to significantly decrease your immunity.
  • DRINK WATER.  Hydration is a natural way to detoxify and flush toxins out of your body.  Drink one half of your body weight in ounces of water per day.  A 200 pound person should consume 100 ounces of water per day.  
  • AVOID EXCESS CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL.  These products dehydrate you and the alcohol is a sugar.
  • MULTIPLE VITAMIN:  Take daily.   We tend to eat the same items repetitively and do not eat a wide variety of different foods.  The benefit of a multiple vitamin is to get the minimum recommendation on all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your foods may not include.  I look at a multiple vitamin as an insurance policy.  I like one of the following choices: 
  • Standard Process “IMMUPLEX” one capsule per meal (two per meal if symptomatic).  During this Coronavirus concern, this is my personal choice.  This product contains thymus gland extract which is used to attempt to boost our own thymus gland activity.  The thymus gland is a main producer of immunity fighting chemistry.
  • Metagenics “PHYTOMULTI” one pill with each meal for vegetarian or vegan patients
  1. VITAMIN D3:   This hormone is extremely important for immune help and resistance of pathogens.  5,000 IU daily is my recommendation.  This product is super inexpensive.  It is a no brainer in my book.      
  • I use Metagenics liquid drops (each drop is 1,000 IU).  It tastes minty and I add to water, juice or smoothies.
  • Or Metagenics 5,000 IU capsules.
  1. PROBIOTICS:  The GI (gastro-intestinal) system is responsible for so many functions in our body.  Many studies show that at least 70% of our immunity comes from our gut.  
  • I love a new product from Metagenics called “Ultraflora Immune”.  It contains two probiotic strains (Lactobacillus paracasei 8700:2 and Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL9).  These strains have been shown to target the nasal, sinus and respiratory function.  These are the areas affected by the Coronavirus.  For me, this is what I want to support and attempt to strengthen during this time.
  1. ECHINACEA HERB or ANDROGRAPHIS:  Echinacea purpurea root along with echinaea angusifola root has been used for centuries to help boost the immune system.  Many brands use a combination of the roots, stems and leafs which is not as effective as the root alone.   The andrographis paniculata herb is in combination with Echinacea angustifolia and holy basil.             I use either of these to attempt to boost my immune system.  However, I use it the most if I begin to feel any time of immune illness coming on. 
  • MediHerb Echinaea Premium OR Andrographis complex:  1 tablet daily preventive or 2 per day with symptoms  


  1. OSCILLOCOCCINUM:  This is a homeopathic formula to reduce symptoms of the flu virus.  I have personally used this for many years and I do believe that it has helped me many times with symptoms.
  • Made by Boiron and contains Anas barbariae.  It is sold in tubes of fine pellets and easy to use including for children.  I personally use 3 to 6 pellets per day when I initially feel symptoms.   It is sold in packages of 6, 12 or 30.
  1. SINUPLEX:  This is an amazing natural product for sinus congestion.  Many patients can not safely take over the counter products for congestion due to high blood pressure, heart conditions, palpitations, insomnia.  This is a great alternative made with a combination of enzymes, herbs and anti-oxidants.    
  • Metagenics product including vitamin C, quercetin, stinging nettle and bromelain.  These ingredients are useful for the entire respiratory track.  Symptoms of the Coronavirus affect the respiratory tract.  I suggest 1-3 tablets per day.  
  1.   PNEUMOTROPHIN PMG:  This is a glandular product which has been used to strengthen the lungs.  
  • Standard Process protomorphogen.  I recommend 1-3 tablets per day to help strengthen the respiratory system.  Not for vegetarians or vegans.
  1. BIOCIDIN:  This is a combination herbal and aromatherapy product to assist in getting rid of biofilms.  Biofilms are a group of microorganisms which stubbornly adhere to each other as well as embed into the surface.  It is common with chronic sinus or respiratory illness.  When a patient has had repeat infections or viruses which have not responded to medications or time, I think of the possibility of a biofilm.  
  • This comes in its traditional drops as well as a throat spray.  For patients adverse to liquids, they do make a capsule but that is not my first choice.  It is important to make sure you add a fiber detox product such as Standard Process “Gastro-Fiber” to clear out the biofilm from your GI system once the Biocidin releases it.  I use 2-3 drops, 2 -3 times per day until symptoms reduce.  At times, I will go up to a dropper per dose but not initially.  If using the throat spray, I use one spray 2-3 times per day.  

These products can be purchased online through the manufacturer or directly from my office.  Many times I am offered discounts above what can be purchased directly as a patient.  Please contact my office at for discounts and orders.

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