Years ago I learned about an ancient Japanese art called, KINTSUGI or “GOLDEN REPAIR”.  It is the art of repairing broken treasured pottery by mending the areas with gold lacquer.  The story goes something like this.  A servant broke the king’s most revered porcelain bowl.  Not knowing what else to do, the servant tried to […]

Another COVID-19 suggestion by Dr. Cathy

I’m sure we are all hearing about how important it is to boost our own immune system.  I have shared several nutritional ideas about natural ways to do this on past videos on Facebook and Instagram.  I’ve also shared about how important stress reduction and improving sleep are to keep us healthy.  I want to […]

Take A Multiple Vitamin

TAKE A MULTIPLE VITAMIN.  Although I definitely recommend eating healthy as an essential part of your health journey, taking a great quality multiple vitamin is like an insurance policy on your daily requirements.  The quality of our food is not always as great as we think.  If your fruit and veggies were picked before completely […]

Work On Your Posture

 Improving your posture is not only for looks.  Posture has been absolutely linked to physical health such as better breathing, cognitive (memory) improvements, preventing falls through improving balance and even decreasing headaches and neck pain.  I am currently completing my certification and awaiting my final examination on being a Certified Ergonomist.  This is a specialist […]


Good posture begins with your head, chest and shoulders being properly aligned. Your ears should be centered over your shoulders, and your shoulders should be centered over your hips. Due to the excessive use of computers and handheld devices, many people pull their neck forward which increases the incident of neck pain, shoulder tension and […]

Nutrition Classes Schedule

Call the main office at (859) 525-2994 to register. Classes are $25 and begin at 6:30pm in the lower level. Balancing Hormone Levels Hormone levels change throughout the course of the day depending on many things, including our sleep/wake cycle, stress level and for women, ovulation. Learn to balance your hormones naturally through diet and […]